The course is provided by a seasoned finance professional, ACMA/GCMA, with 15+ years of international experience in controllership, project and functional management in a large multinational business organization.




An Overview of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)- Integrating with Strategy and Performance

The Governance and Culture Component

  • defining oversight responsibilities for ERM, risk awareness, desired behaviours and ethical values

The Strategy and Objective-Setting Component

  • establishing the risk appetite, articulating key objectives, and defining the processes for identifying, assessing and responding to risk

The Performance Component

  • prioritising risks based on their severity, as well as effectively and efficiently responding to these risks

The Review and Revision Component

  • examining how well ERM is functioning and determine areas for improvements

The Information, Communication, and Reporting Component

  • embedding ERM as a continual practice, where both external and internal information is obtained and shared across the organisation in terms of risk, culture and performance

Case Application - ERM Improvement Observations

Preparation for the exam  


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Vladyslav Leshchiy September 2023 Evening