Your tailored way to success

Who We Are

ATC International is a leading provider of professional qualifications in Accounting, Finance, Human Resources and Project management, as well as Communication, Leadership, Intelligence, and other business development programs.

Founded in Great Britain - with a history of more than 60 years - ATC International has been operating in the CIS since 1993 and is specialised in preparing employees of the largest financial and industrial companies for international ACCA, CIMA, CPA and PMP exams.

What We Offer

ATC International draws from an extensive network of professional leaders and experts to provide dedicated and exceptional input to financial and accounting practice.

Our training and learning services extend the finance industry, from professional qualifications, personal development programmes to broad-spectrum of courses, tailored learning content and more. Whether you are a business, established professional, or if you are looking to develop as an individual and just a beginner your journey starts here with us.

Why Choose Us

  1. A Plan for Success
    You want results - we have a plan.
  2. Blended Learning
    Innovative training built on theory and practice.
  3. Experts Only
    We involve high-profile industry experts.
  4. Pricing
    Our prices are competitive and reasonable.
  5. Meeting Standards
    We pursue for the highest education.

Study with us, and you will be engaged with outstanding professionals – attentive to deadlines and committed to exceeding client expectations.

Our Unique Roadmap


identifying individual needs and planning for success


developing flexible suite of effective learning methods


implementing the best mentoring techniques


leading to outstanding results and achievements

We have a passion for education, and a passion for passing on the knowledge of our experts in an interactive and effective way, via our online or face-to-face courses.

We deliver timely, impactful, and cost-effective learning solutions to your organisational and individual requirements.

Our aim is to work closely with clients and students to identify their needs and deliver transformative and result-oriented programmes.

Learning Format


You get a great opportunity to communicate directly with highly qualified lecturers, share experiences with colleagues and make useful acquaintances


You get the opportunity to communicate online with highly qualified lecturers without leaving home, ask questions during and after the lecture, communicate with colleagues on closed social networks.

Teaching Experts

The ATC lecturing department is comprised of leaders who are passionate about their work, have excelled in their field, and have an extensive background in a wide variety of application.

All our teachers and trainers are members of their respective Professional Associations, who have both immense practical and teaching experience, including students for whom English is not their first language. All teachers are either native English speakers or proficient in language.

Our Partners

We work with a select and trusted group of partners, to enhance the quality of our education.